Peter Shurman is a highly accomplished business executive. He is, notably, a communicator, an exceptional speaker, an executive coach, and generational expert specializing in Boomer-to-Millennial transfer. Peter is unequalled in reducing complex issues to "eye level" ideas. He excels at assessing the consequences of decisions taken at both the macro and micro levels. Few individuals have the same combination of private and public sector experience. Peter's entrepreneurial background, corporate management experience, and time spent in elected office make him the ideal advisor or coach for C-suite level people dealing with personnel, market presence, or government issues.


    Peter Shurman Enterprises is the umbrella organization for Peter's activities which focus on generational change but also on government relations where business and the public sector meet. A broadcaster by trade and a CEO and politician by experience, Peter loves a challenge and believes that when Confucius used the phrase "May you live in interesting times", he likely meant the early 21st century!


  • Peter's BOOK

    Millennials: Boom'er Bust OR How Gen Y Will Save the World  *

    About the Book

    When Peter Shurman talks about millennials it’s often with an enthusiasm and a vigour that surprises most people in his circle. Most of what we think, and what is written about millennials, is disparaging and quite frankly, insulting, if you ask him. Where others see opportunists, Shurman sees opportunity. The lessons they can teach us are being lost in the constant, unflattering narratives being written about what they do wrong, rather than what they are doing to innovate and create a new world order. Their approach, so foreign and fancy-free to some, has become the focus, rather than the result. The corporate world, he believes, has dismissed the value, and impact their way of thinking, living, buying and even voting, has on all of us – as we’ve just witnessed in the recent election.

    They are creating a new world order, and a new work-flow. If we don’t start to engage with and understand ‘them’, it is ‘we’ who are going to be left behind. And that is why he wrote this book.

    Millennials: Boom’er Bust or How Gen Y Will Save the World is a primer on how millennials think, how they approach life, what they value and how corporates and marketers alike can capitalize on those findings. This book will help demystify the radically different view of the world millennials have. They are not lazy but selective. They are foregoing materialism for experiential living. And they recognize that there is no such thing as permanence.

    Taking over a year to research and conduct anecdotal interviews, Shurman provides a compelling case for why businesses and hiring managers need to rethink what they think they know about millennials. “Unlike most people my age, I’m a big fan of millennials and I think we’re missing a critical partner in the boardroom and in the shaping of our continually-emerging global economy”, says Shurman, “…unless aging boomers and millennials start to see each other as useful, the passing of the torch will be fumbled.”

    A quick and easy read, his simple narrative is thought-provoking, and founded in facts. Marketers, managers, bankers, automakers, financial services companies...even moms and dads need this book as a guide. For a generation that knows it will have less, share more, live longer, and not receive much pension other than what it provides for itself, there’s a lot of change to digest.


    * (available online from Amazon, Chapters, Smashwords)

  • Public Speaking

    Peter Speaking About Generational Change

    Move Over, Boomers!

    Studying and writing about Millennials has taught Peter a lot. In a recent speech to Workforce Planning Boards in York Region, he talked about the current transition from Baby Boomer to Millennial management...with Boomers now hitting 70, we're running out of time. If you don't think so, listen to what this generational expert has to say...


    To contact Peter Shurman directly email peter@petershurman.com; for interviews or speaking dates (watch 'Public Speaking' section above); for executive coaching services or government relations assistance, call (416) 484-4484...

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